This walk through assumes that you already have purchased a twilio number and are ready to set up.

Log in to your twilio account and to make your life easier, click on the three dots within a circle on the left and pin the studio and phone numbers to your dock.

Click on studio, create new flow, and then name the flow. A simple name such as “Autoresponder” can be used. Then, select start from scratch and hit next.

Now you are in the studio flow. On the right hand side, select “send message” under messaging and “connect call to” under voice and drag them to the center one at a time. Connect the incoming message to send message and incoming call to connect call.

  • Message: Click on send message and in the message body enter something along the lines of “Thank you for contacting <<YOUR COMPANY NAME>>. This number is for outgoing messages only. Please contact us at <<YOUR COMPANY PHONE>> or <<YOUR COMPANY EMAIL>>.
  • Call: Enter your company phone number.
    *IMPORTANT: None of this will be active until you click publish at the top!

Go back to the dashboard and click on “phone numbers > active numbers > and select the number you want to apply the above rules”. For voice & fax select . Then select a call comes in and select the name you gave your flow.

Now, do the same for messaging and hit save at the bottom.

Test your number by calling and txting it to make sure it is set up properly.